Outsource payroll to ensure continuity and efficiency

As an accounting firm with extensive experience, Firmally has observed trends over the years, with payroll outsourcing being a hot topic. 

Delegating this task reduces complexities, minimizes errors, and allows focus on core operations, enhancing overall efficiency.


Internal payroll management can be intricate, posing challenges, especially if reliant on a single person. This may lead to disruptions during unforeseen events like illness, resignation, vacation, or parental leave.

Accounting firms specialize in payroll, ensuring accurate handling of wages, taxes, and social contributions, backed by in-depth knowledge of evolving regulations. Outsourcing payroll proves cost-effective compared to maintaining an in-house payroll department, eliminating expenses associated with personnel, training, or system investments.

Is outsourcing the right choice?

Every company is unique, operating in different industries, locations, and with varied staff sizes. Commonly cited disadvantages of outsourcing include high costs, lack of control, communication challenges, dependency, adaptation issues, data security concerns, and availability. 

To avoid these pitfalls, choosing a partner actively addressing challenges is crucial.

How can Firmally assist with challenges?

Firmally offers competitive pricing tailored to client needs after thorough pre-engagement assessments. We provide guarantees for all completed work.

Robust security measures, including data encryption, strict access controls, and confidentiality agreements, ensure protection. Customizable solutions enable close collaboration, integrating corporate culture into payroll management, with a preference for a collaborative ‘colleague’ approach rather than a traditional ‘client-provider’ dynamic.

Firmally offers dedicated contacts, clear communication channels, regular meetings, and reporting to keep clients informed. Flexible solutions, customized reporting, and system configuration enhance efficiency. 

Available support hours and communication channels accommodate client working hours, ensuring quick responses. 

Firmally differentiates itself by prioritizing personalized service, adaptable solutions, and establishing a trustworthy partnership. Proactively addressing challenges reinforces trust between Firmally and its clients.

Considering the next steps?

Whether contemplating payroll management decisions, seeking support during staff vacations, assistance with time & attendance reporting, access to consulting services, or contemplating a complete process outsourcing due to staff changes, it’s worthwhile to contact us. We’re just a call or email away. 

Together, we can explore your situation and determine how we can best assist you. It is never too late to bring Firmally to your company.


Robin Elvström

CEO & PHT, Payroll Advisor

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