financial management

Modern accounting opens up numerous possibilities, and we operate efficiently because we want you to do the same. Whether we serve as your entire finance department or manage specific aspects of it, we provide access to all figures and key metrics through modern services and systems.


Feel free to reach out whenever you have questions. With us, you can focus on your own success, knowing that your financial matters are in secure hands. 

Our service includes

With modern systems and dedicated experts, we ensure that the entire accounting process flows seamlessly for our clients. From recording all financial transactions to documenting everything from income and expenses to salaries and taxes. We handle all statutory reporting to the Tax Administration to ensure that everything is done accurately within the specified timeframe. Offering our clients, a transparent and reliable service is of the utmost priority. 

Financial Statements

At the end of your fiscal year, we compile the results and report financial transactions. Through a systematic review, we clarify income, expenses, assets, and liabilities, providing a clear picture of the company’s finances. We ensure that the financial statements adhere to applicable regulations and industry practices. 

Taxation Questions

We also provide advice on other tax matters. We can identify deductions and incentives that can be utilized, offer tips on tax planning, and assist our clients in understanding any changes in tax legislation. 

Receipt Management

We provide tools that bring your receipt management into the digital age. Organize and archive receipts in a simple and cost-effective manner. Receipt management is integrated with the accounting system to enable a seamless experience for all parties involved. 

Tax Declaration

We manage tax declarations, providing detailed documentation of the taxpayer’s financial transactions to the Tax Administration. The declaration encompasses income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Accurate reporting is essential for the Tax Administration to determine the taxable result in accordance with current tax legislation. 


We assist you in creating professional invoices and automating the invoicing process to reduce workload and minimize errors. You also have the option to fully or partially outsource invoicing to us, reducing your administrative burden while ensuring that invoicing is done on time, maintaining liquidity. 

Payment services

We guarantee timely and secure payments through automation and efficient handling of incoming invoices, salaries, self-initiated taxes, and travel expense reports. With us, there’s no need for anyone to wait for their money. 


We always provide comprehensive reporting on the financial situation to ensure that the client is aware of the economic status. Additionally, we ensure that all reporting to the authorities is carried out in accordance with legal requirements. 

Customer and Supplier Accounts Payable

By efficiently managing financial obligations, we contribute to increased stability and streamlined administration, supporting liquidity management and simplifying your business processes. We provide a straightforward overview of the payment status for all purchase and sales invoices. 

How does the process work?



Initially, we collect all necessary information in real-time through program integrations with the accounting system or through other agreed-upon methods. A meticulous verification of data is conducted to prevent additional reconciliations and potential delays in reporting.


The material is processed meticulously in real-time within the accounting system or at a subsequent time, depending on the agreed-upon software and delivery methods. Through program integrations, errors and uncertainties can be quickly and easily identified.


Through a comprehensive review of the accounting's income statement and balance sheet, we ensure that all material is taken into account and accurately recorded in the accounting system. Any uncertainties or missing information are clarified in collaboration with the client.


We deliver reports according to the agreed-upon period and provide clarifications on key figures. Every digital user can access reports and charts directly in the accounting system at any time. Regulatory reporting is conducted in accordance with the registered VAT and accounting period.