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Over thirty years of experience in the industry

Firmally stands as a distinguished, privately owned pioneer in financial management, boasting a rich legacy since its establishment in 1988. As an authorized member of the Finance Administration Association in Finland, we are unwavering in our pursuit of excellence. 


Our range of services includes payroll administration and HR, consultation, business advisory, financial management such as accounting, tax declarations, invoicing, payment services, debt collection, trust assignments, digital solutions, and other financial services. We assist newly established businesses in getting started and offer our expertise in everything from choosing a legal form to filling out the necessary documents when forming a company. Even in the changing winds of entrepreneurship, such as changes in legal form, business acquisitions, or generational changes, we stand by your side. 


Firmally serves client companies throughout Finland. For international companies with a branch in Finland, we are a reliable partner in everything related to financial management and payroll administration in the country. All of our services are available remotely, and our office is located in the finest archipelago town in Finland, Parainen, which is approximately 20 km from the center of Turku in southwestern Finland. 


We invest in the training of our personnel by offering various courses and continuing education. We do this to ensure that our team is always updated on the latest industry trends and maintains a high level of expertise. In addition, our experts hold either EBR (accounting) or PHT (payroll administration) certifications, confirming our competence and ability to provide high-quality services. This commitment to training and professional development also better equips us to meet our clients’ unique needs. 

Pargas Miljard Oy Ab is founded

The company is founded by Staffan Sundström.

Tili Sydwest Oy Ab
the following 20 years

In connection with the merge of the subsidiary Kimitoöns Bokföringscentral Ab, the company name was changed to Tili Sydwest.

Changes in the ownership structure

Tili Sydwest was acquired by five of its own employees, marking the beginning of a new era with numerous modernizations. 

The company is rebranded

Throughout the year, the company undergoes a complete rebranding and transforms into what we now recognize as Firmally.

Firmally is launched

The future holds endless possibilities...

What does firmally mean?

A name with diverse meanings

Firm + Ally

"Firmally" is a fusion of two significant concepts for us: "firm" and "ally."

The English word 'firm' refers to a type of business, similar to the Swedish word 'firma,' which is also found in the Finnish spoken language. For us, "firm" goes beyond being just a word; it symbolizes entrepreneurship, reliability, and commitment.

In English, 'ally' refers to individuals or groups that collaborate and support each other. The second part of our name emphasizes collaboration and community, i.e., partnership. Being a partner to our clients means moving towards success together, by providing honest and reliable support and actively addressing our clients' concerns.


The term "firma" has its origins in the Latin language and was initially used in the context of confirming an agreement or a pact. Over time, the term evolved and began to be employed to describe commercial enterprises, further developing within various languages and cultures.

In Finland, it's common to use the term "firm" as an everyday expression for a company, regardless of its size or line of business. In everyday conversations, individuals frequently mention 'firm affairs' (referring to business matters) when discussing their work, engage in the festive spirit by attending 'the firm's Christmas party,' or document purchases on behalf of the firm. The term "firm" unites us and nurtures a feeling of camaraderie within the business world in Finland.


An interesting detail is how "Firmally" bears resemblance to "Formally." These similarities are intentional and reflect our commitment to being professional and meticulous in what we do. It is also a reminder of our international presence.

"Firmally" is not just a name for us; it encapsulates our values and commitment as your partner.

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