We are an authorized member of the Financial Administration Association in Finland (Suomen Taloushallintoliitto ry).

What does the Authorization mean?

By choosing an authorized accounting firm, you secure your business.

How does the authorization benefit you as a customer?

Authorization is an indication of quality and reliability. You can trust that your accounting firm is staffed with experts holding industry certifications, including KLT and PHT qualifications. The Financial Administration Association oversees personnel training, ensuring that the competence at the accounting firm is current and that they are aware of legislative changes well in advance.

Services and prices are clearly outlined in written agreements, eliminating any ambiguity. Your accounting firm carries liability insurance that covers significant errors in accounting, taxation, as well as applications for compensation and permits. We adhere to current legislation and best practices. Clear work procedures are established, ensuring responsible handling of your materials.

Authorization is an indication of quality and reliability.

Authorization requirements

To obtain authorization, the accounting firm must undergo a thorough examination by the Financial Administration Association. This examination serves as a mark of trust and ensures that the accounting firm adheres to good accounting practices.

Authorization indicates that the competence, systems, and business models of the accounting firm have undergone thorough scrutiny. The staff keeps their professional knowledge up-to-date and possesses the right qualifications, including KLT and PHT competence within the personnel. The operations strictly adhere to the law, and new regulations are considered well in advance before they come into effect. An authorized accounting firm undergoes regular inspections to ensure that the quality is maintained at a high level.