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For foreign companies operating in Finland, collaborating with a local accounting firm is a strategic choice.


The partnership helps businesses navigate the complex tax system and ensures that businesses comply with all local laws and regulations. The local accounting firm can also provide valuable insights into Finnish business practices and cultural norms, which in turn can help foreign companies successfully establish themselves in the Finnish market.

about finland and finns

Are you planning to operate in Finland or perhaps already active here?


Here, you can read about our culture or go directly to what you need to know about our national laws and regulations.

Briefly about Finland


Finland is a Nordic welfare state consistently ranked as the world’s happiest country for several years. Approximately 75% of Finland’s land area is covered by forests and it has earned the nickname “the land of a thousand lakes” with its 187,000 lakes. Finland experiences four distinct seasons and boasts the world’s largest archipelago. The Archipelago Sea in southwestern Finland has over 40,000 islands, more than any other archipelago in the world. Our office is also located here. 

Three Phenomenas in Finnish Culture


Sauna. The sauna holds a significant place in Finnish culture, symbolizing both relaxation and community. Sauna evenings with family and friends are common social activities. In Finland, there are 3 million saunas for a population of just over 5 million. It doesn’t surprise many that the sauna has also found its place in Finnish business culture. While most business meetings take place in conference rooms, the sauna has carved out its own space as an informal setting for discussing business. Taking a sauna together is a way to build relationships and get to know each other. In Finland, it is said that more important decisions are made in the sauna than in meeting rooms. 


Sisu. A Finnish characteristic. A kind of inner strength shown during challenges and setbacks. Sisu is a concept that doesn’t have a simple translation but can be described as a combination of willpower, perseverance, courage, and determination. 


Coffee. Naturally, we must also mention coffee, which is a central part of Finnish culture. There is not a single gathering where coffee wouldn’t be served. Good coffee and a generous serving have traditionally been the benchmark for hospitality in Finland. Obviously, there are Finns who don’t drink coffee at all. Despite this, their lives and daily routines are still influenced by the rituals, breaks, and servings of coffee drinkers. 

Finns, what are we like?

We Finns are not known for small talk, and silence is not considered uncomfortable. We express our opinions honestly, and self-deprecating humor is typical for us. Despite our reserved demeanor, we extend hospitality and become more forthcoming in conversation once familiarity has been established. 

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