Starting or running a business is not always easy. Hasty decisions can be costly without an awareness of the consequences. Through strategic consultation, you can get assistance in the right direction at the right time.


At Firmally, we strive to provide proactive advice and quality consultation to help you avoid pitfalls and ensure long-term returns on your investments. Don’t let a good idea remain just an idea – let us help you bring it to life.

Our services include
New Business

The journey from an idea to your own business may seem long and complex. We offer support to understand the responsibilities of running your own business and focus on the opportunities that entrepreneurship can offer you personally. By managing and guiding you through the entire registration process, we aim to ensure a safe and smooth start in the business world.

Service Vouchers

Pargas city offers service vouchers for business advice that can be used at Firmally. The aim is to provide flexible and individualized services for both new and existing businesses. The service voucher concept, limited to businesses with fewer than 10 employees, complements the city’s business advice and covers topics such as founding a company and advice on accounting and salary calculation.


Reverse VAT, tax-free sales, EU sales, marginal taxation, transfer tax, and various VAT rates are some of the complex tax rules. We assist our clients in applying these rules. From tax returns and financial statements to depreciations and financial terms such as dividend vs. salary, we explain the meanings and provide guidance on what should be considered in your business.

Employer Responsibilities

From hiring to termination, we stand by your side at every stage of an employee’s tenure. We provide clear guidance on employment, payroll, taxation, as well as insurance and occupational healthcare, time & attendance, vacation entitlement, collective agreements, terminations, and handling other situations that may arise during employment.

Financial Advisory

In every business operation, new situations arise that affect finances both positively and negatively. We are here to assist with budgeting, quote requests, cash flow forecasts, cost-cutting, payment arrangements, investments, staff optimization, and other challenges that may arise. Our priority is to ensure a healthy financial business development and continuity in your business.

Trustee Services

In various situations, having a registered representative in Finland may be necessary. Common needs include representation for dispatched employees, branches, or for foreign VAT registration. We also offer the opportunity to act as a registered mailing address, which can be convenient for those who travel frequently or lack a physical office. We also assist in other related contexts.

International Operations

In today’s global business climate, international challenges often arise. We offer both advice and services in managing these requirements. This may include distance selling to the EU through OSS registration, VAT refunds from other countries, Intrastat reporting, managing foreign employees, and posting of employees to/from other countries. Additionally, we have established global partnerships to facilitate your access across the world.

Changes in Operations

Throughout every business’s lifecycle, changes occur, including generational shifts, changes in shareholders, launch of new services and products, expansions with the opening of new locations, altered life situations, transitioning from a side business to a main business, hiring, development, financing, and other situations. In each new phase, it’s important to discuss and plan for a smooth transition to the new reality.

Are you in need of consultation?

We offer consultation for both regular and new clients. Contact your contact person or send an email to to get started. Describe in detail what you need assistance with or call us to explain your situation. If necessary, we can plan a meeting to thoroughly discuss the matter. After the discussion and clarification of all factors, we will provide a written report of the outcome.