Payroll Administration & HR

By outsourcing payroll administration to us, you gain access to specialists who stay updated with the latest regulatory changes, ensuring your business complies with Finnish law and regulations.


Our payroll service is customized for businesses seeking accurate and efficient payroll management. We take responsibility for calculating and paying salaries correctly and on time. As our customer, you don’t have to manage everything yourself and ensure sufficient resources year-round. 

Our service includes

We consider changes in personnel information and calculate salaries with precision. Temporary, permanent, and time-limited payments and benefits, as well as absences, are factored into the salary calculation. Statutory social contributions, taxes, and other deductions are implemented in accordance with applicable regulations. Following the customer’s approval, the processed material, representing a proactive and accurate salary calculation, is promptly delivered. 

Time tracking systems

We offer our customers and their employees the convenience of electronically reporting work hours, absences, travel reimbursements, and other supplements through a shared time tracking system. Employers can efficiently review and approve events for salary calculation through an approval chain. Both employees and employers can easily monitor statutory, collectively agreed-upon, and customer-specific balances and interpretations, streamlining personnel administration with automated and time-saving solutions. 


We serve as HR advisors, handling everything from company-specific administrative tasks to issues related to working conditions and international assignments. With our extensive expertise and personalized service, we support your business. Additionally, we offer the option to electronically manage personnel administration through an integrated HR program. 


With our deep knowledge and extensive experience, we provide high-quality consulting in payroll administration. We assist with complex tax issues, manage various stages of employment, provide technical solutions and support, and navigate matters related to collective agreements, all within the intricate framework of Finnish legislation in this field. 


In our payroll administration, we prioritize comprehensive reporting to client companies. Every month, our clients receive detailed reports covering salary calculations, payment documentation, holiday pay liabilities, and customized reporting according to their needs. Employees receive their pay slips electronically, ensuring transparent and efficient communication. 

Reporting to authorities

We ensure comprehensive reporting in our payroll administration, with monthly disclosure of salaries to the Income Register. This allows for swift access for pension and insurance companies, as well as tax authorities. Additionally, we manage reporting and applications to the Social Insurance Institution (KELA), trade unions, sickness funds, occupational health care, and other organizations, ensuring full compliance with statutory requirements and efficient management of employer obligations. 


We take pride in our global collaborations and consistently embrace new challenges. As a local Finnish expert, we aid international companies with payroll-related matters. Through our partnerships, we also ensure smooth payroll administration for Finnish clients on a global scale. Whether you are seeking an experienced in-country payroll provider, require Employer of Record (EOR) services, or guidance for international expansion, you’ve come to the right place. 

Internal accounting

Through internal accounting, you can seamlessly and comprehensively monitor payroll costs associated with specific cost centers, projects, work stages, or other customized accounting dimensions. This is crucial for tracking how the results of individual units impact the company as a whole. Meticulous internal accounting enables us to effectively assist our clients in budgeting for upcoming projects or determining pricing for quotations. 

Payment services

We manage secure and punctual payments for salaries and associated disbursements, including taxes and union fees. For those who opt. to utilize their own banking programs, we diligently prepare and deliver precise bank files. Through rigorous controls, we guarantee dependable and secure outsourcing of the payment processes. 

How does the process work?

Collecting information

Collecting information

Initially, we collect essential employment information from the client company's staff and HR personnel, including work hours and salaries. Subsequently, the payroll data is brought to processing within our systems. A meticulous verification of the details is conducted to prevent any potential delays in the salary calculation process.


We conduct a thorough salary calculation based on the gathered information. Utilizing our advanced payroll systems and other software, we calculate base salaries, overtime, taxes, statutory deductions, and other pertinent salary benefits. Following this, the information is prepared for salary disbursement, which includes the generation of relevant reports such as pay slips.


A comprehensive review and comparison of the salary calculation and gathered materials are conducted to ensure complete accuracy. Any discrepancies are identified and corrected, ensuring compliance with laws, collective agreements, and other statutory requirements. In case of any questions or errors identified during the verification process, communication with the client takes place for clarification.


We produce salary reports, including pay slips, for both the company and its employees. Simultaneously, necessary salary declarations and reporting of social contributions to authorities are conducted in accordance with current legislation. Finally, the salary reports are delivered to the client company in the agreed-upon manner, and payments are executed within specified time frames.